Artichoke and Gnome & Away

BBJ – The most local taste sensation you’ve ever experienced! Have you tried BBJ yet? A sensational jam made with blackberries from Blacon and a whole loada love from the Artichoke team. Our advice is to enjoy it on a cheese and bacon grilled sandwich. You can buy a jar from Gnome and Away for £2.75. 


Twenty years on and still going strong … Barlounge continues to rock our world!

The Lavendar 44 paired with fire cracker Tiger prawns.
The floral citrusy cocktail pairs incredibly with the slight bite of sumptuous crisp Tiger prawns. Created for the nurses on Ward 44 at the countess on a well deserved night out, they asked for a lavender based drink and this is what the Barlounge team came up with. Using Chester Zoo gin, they paired up the 2 big institutions of Chester inspiring two great institutions from their menu.

And thats not all …

Life doesn’t get much better than enjoying a cocktail with bites & boards on the terrace at Barlounge.  The Barlounge Platter celebrates the best of all the bites with all your favourites including the iconic Baby Sausages, plus Barlounge Chicken Skewers, Salt & Pepper Edamame Beans, Firecracker Crispy King Prawns, Cheesy Garlic & Herb Pizzetta, Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Skin-on Fries.
Question is…who will you share it with? Or don’t share, we won’t judge!
The Barlounge Platter £40
2020 Vision £8.50



Duttons holds a very special place in the Chester Food and Drink landscape. Now in its 21st year (!), it really is better than ever. They had a super-funky refurb at the beginning of the year which suits its stunning location on leafy Godstall Lane perfectly.

We recommend; Their Half Yard of Ale is back on the drinks list! Choose from Manchester craft lager, Original and The Boilerhouse craft pale ale. 


There is something so charming and authentic about family run venues – and The Faulkner in Hoole is no exception. Darren and Kelly run a super-friendly team and the food is superb quality. Add to that a great beer and wine selection, and you have the perfect recipe for a lovely local dining experience.

We recommend; The Roasted Cauliflower Thai Red Curry, served with wild rice, sesame seeds & pomegranate. Its worth making a special trip for. 


At Hickory’s Smokehouse they are fanatical about flames; silly about smokers and utterly obsessed with the smells, tastes and traditions of the Deep South. Their smokin’ hot menu is available from 9am – 11pm every day and includes smokehouse classics from ribs and Texas style beef brisket to the ultimate Smokehouse Platter. With steaks, fajita’s, skewers, Southern fried chicken and impressive selection of burgers – Southern food is simply glorious and offers something for everyone.

We recommend; 3am Mac – Crazier things have happened at 3am than this mac ‘n’ cheese topped with buttermilk marinated Southern fried chicken, bacon crumb & maple syrup. But this one you won’t regret… its divine! 


Chester’s first animal product free, sustainable restaurant focusing on great tasting food and fermentation.

Michelin recommended yet relaxed and informal, this team sure-as-hell know their onions! Their current tasting menu is a sublime food experience.

We recommend; Everything. It’s just so good.