Liquor & Co

Gotta love Liquor & Co. This is a super-cool bar with a super-friendly team run by the main man Mouse! Always ready for action, Mouse and the rest of the crew serve delicious drinks with the best brands, and with a serious amount of old-school-bar-charm. They’re currently open Thursday to Saturday evenings for bookings and walk-ins.

Some say he’s a wizard, others say he’s a magician. But whatever fantastical creature he may be, Martyn makes magical drinks in a fairytale bar far far away.

If you can find him, ask him to make you a ‘Coming Up Roses’ cocktail.

Strawberry infused gin, Fernet Branca menta, raspberry syrup, egg whites (to make it all frothy and luxurious) and finished with a spritz of rosewater across the top, garnished with a dried rosebud. 🌷

Dreamy Martyn!